January 2020

The Court of the Mind - Glen Elliott

Every pastor has an internal narrator that makes judgments about our worth and ability. This inner chatter often causes us to live in regret of the past or fear of the future. The voice accuses us of not being good enough or doing enough. It tempts us to compare ourselves to other pastors and churches. It tells us lies that we often accept. In this presentation, we’ll learn how can we “take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5).

February 2020

Pastor's Appreciation at Desert Christian

March 2020

Guest Follow Up - Josh Reich

Every week, guests come to your church. They mustered up the courage to come to a place and encounter people they don’t know. Something is happening inside them that moved them to take a risk and visit your church. They are looking for something. What will they find? How can we best help them to move from curiosity and need to engagement with God’s people and encounter God himself?

July 2020

The Power of RE - Re-evaluate, Refocus, Realign and Reinvest to Experience Renewal - Josh Reich

Every pastor needs to find a way to re-evaluate where they’ve been in the recent season in order to realign and refocus in order to reinvest in making the next season even better and more productive. Josh Reich will share some ideas, principles, and practices that will help ensure we don’t get stuck or go backward and how we can continually reinvent ourselves. We’ll explore the power of all those words that begin with “re” to experience renewal.

September 2020

Inevitable, Unavoidable, Yet Necessary Conflict - Noe Garcia (North Phoenix Baptist Church)

No church (or Pastor) can survive without changing. No change happens without conflict and pain. So no pastor can avoid conflict as they lead the church through change. We’ll be honored to learn from the wisdom of Noe Garcia who has faced and led a well-established church through change.

October 2020

Wisdom From Experience - Dennis Newkirk

We can gain so much from the wisdom of pastors who have served and ended well. Dennis Newkirk is a veteran pastor who will share about the things he’s glad he did in ministry and reflect on things he wished he would have not done or done differently. His years of experience will help us make wiser choices today.

November 2020

Listening to God as I Lead Myself, Others, and the Church - Panel of Pastors

Pastors are leaders. But we are leading ourselves, others and our churches to follow the will and way of Jesus. So it’s critical that we are listening to and following Jesus as we lead ourselves, others and our churches. The panel will share principles, practices and personal experiences that we can use to better hear and allow the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us as we serve and minister.