Monthly Meeting Structure

  • Presentation of topic

  • Pointed discussion questions for small group interaction over lunch

  • Wrap up: What ideas can you share? Who’s good at this? Who wants to get together and go deeper together?

2019 Schedule

January 3

Finding, Embracing and Using

Your Church’s Strength

Dave Drum

Each church needs to discover its “kingdom concept” or the one thing that it does well. Not only is there power in such focus, but there’s freedom from feeling like you have to do it all well. And, when we are connected in humility with other churches, we can help each other out of our strengths.

February 7

Getting and Keeping Great Volunteers

Robin Blumenthal

Every church is totally dependent on faithful volunteers, but too few leaders are great at both obtaining and supporting these servants. When volunteers are supported well, we’ll  not only find that we can keep these volunteers, but it is easier to recruit even more people.

March 7

Understanding and Effectively Using

The Unique Rhythms of our Tucson Culture

Glen Elliott

There are clear, unique and predictable seasonal rhythms in Tucson. A church must understand, use and program appropriately to maximize our spiritual impact by aligning with those rhythms.

April 4

Using Sunday Services to Reach the Lost

Glen Elliott and Jeff Love

Sunday services can serve both the believer and reach lost people. But the pastor must intentionally understand and employ certain practices and skills that help create an environment that draws and reaches those not yet walking in faith.  

May 2

Emotionally Healthy Pastors Give the Best

Counsel and Spiritual Direction

David Gainey

Pastors are most effective when they lead out of a place of healthy spirituality. There are some key aspects to caring for our own soul that leads to a healthy leader who can lead a healthy church.

August 1

The Pastor's Identity, Self-Esteem

and Personal Security

Dr. Todd Linaman

Next to an authentic faith, there is nothing more powerful that affects a leader than his identity. A strong, Christ centered identity provides a security that allows a leader to lead in humble, healthy and bold ways.

September 5

Storytelling and Great Communication

Josh Reich

Jesus was the master communicator and storyteller. Our Sunday message is so important that we have to learn the skills and techniques for telling a great story that moves people to God to be transformed.

October 3 

Leading the Charge for Change

Bud Brown

While the message of the Gospel never changes, every church must continually change and adapt, or it will stagnate and become irrelevant or ineffective. But there are key understandings and skills that must be used to lead healthy necessary change. Change will always be hard and painful and there are ways to insure that the change is worth the pain.

November 7 

Bringing the Principles of Global Missions Home

Jim Roden

Tucson is a mission field as an unchurched, post-Christian culture. So we need to apply the tried and true cross-culture methods right here in our own home to reach those who are far from God and our churches. These “missional” ways will help us reach our city.