Coaching Staff

Glen Elliott
Lead Pastor
Pantano Christian Church
Glen has been at Pantano for 20 years. He loves the city and local church and the difference it is making. He spends a significant amount of time mentoring, teaching, and encouraging leaders. He's traveled all over the world doing pioneering church planting, relief, and development work in places like the Soviet Union (Ukraine), Kosovo, Ecuador and Cuba. He speaks Russian and loves the diversity of cultures. Glen cares deeply about racial unity and about truly making a difference both locally and globally. Glen loves the outdoors and enjoys riding his bike, hiking and skiing on both water and snow. Glen has been married to the same woman for 39 years and has two adult children and two granddaughters. Glen is a risk taker, loves adventure, loves life and is grateful for all the great opportunities and friendships he has. 

Planning Team

Brian Hook 
Senior Pastor - Aspire Church
Jim Roden
Lead Pastor - Journey Church
Dave Drum
J17 Ministries
Josh Reich
Campus Pastor - Pantano Christian Church